Hello, I’m Kelene Kinnersly.

I live in Georgetown, Ontario (Canada). My kids, Aaron and Amy, are all grown up and now I am a grandmother — to a wonderful puppy named Harvey!

I’ve spent over twenty years in the alternative health care field, as a Shiatsu therapist, Reflexologist, and Teacher. Ten years ago, I was struck down with a life-altering chronic illness. I could no longer run or exercise with with the intensity I loved. I went searching for something that would fill that void.

That’s when I accidentally stumbled into a yarn store. Then, with some needles in hand and a couple of YouTube videos, I began to knit myself a new life.

Knitting has given me a sense of community and filled my need for purpose, while calming and centering my inner self. Designing knitwear gives me the creative outlet that had gone missing from my life.

Truth is, nowadays, I eat, sleep, and breathe knitting and designing knitwear. My children support me in my design process, making this a family affair. Amy is a professional photographer and collaborates with me on all of the photos you see. Aaron is the behind-the-scenes creative director, helping me with marketing and producing my video blogs. Aaron’s partner, Madison, is one of the lovely models you see in so many of my pattern pics.

My journey to becoming a professional knitwear designer has helped shape the philosophy that supports my designs: I strive to produce achievable, non-intimidating patterns that appeal to new as well as long-time knitters.

I am grateful to the knitters who have helped me on my path, and I am always thrilled to hear your knitting stories, too. Be sure to find me online to receive updates and pattern stories.

Happiness in knitting,